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People’s Voices: Developing Cross Media Services to Promote Citizens´ Participation in Local Governance Activities

Project description

The aim of the project is to explore which kind of cross-media services can be developed in order to promote novel ways of citizen participation in local governance activities. In particular, co-design interactive techniques (involving different stakeholders) are used to identify the needs for the design of such services. The project bring researchers and students from Linnaeus (Sweden) and Makerere (Uganda) University together with different actors from the Women of Uganda Network in order to:

Empower local people and communities to monitor district service delivery through a combination of different ICT-based tools and traditional media, as well as Identify and describe a number of cross media services that can be used promote citizens´ participation in political decisions and civic activities.

Why does it matter

Partners and funding sources

CeLeKT, Linnaeus University, Makerere University and Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET). This project is partially funded by the Swedish program for ICT in developing regions (SPIDER).


-Prototype implementation of cross media services

-Hands-on users ´ experience regarding the new cross media services.
Discussion about the achievements of the project goals and objectives.

-Dissemination activities and master thesis work


An important aspect of the work to be conducted in this project deals with technology and service design, especially cross media services. We will be exploring new ways on how to improve, modify and suggest new solutions that include the creation of cross media services to support civic engagement. Exploratory and iterative approaches will be applied, involving a number of concurrent and inter-linked activities that include:

- Generation of concepts
- Creation of prototypes
- Design and assessment with the different stakeholders
- Refinement of concepts

The methods that will be used for analyzing the different communication processes and their implication for the design of cross media services are ethnographical. We will use field notes, will capture voice and video recordings of dialogues with different stakeholders, and will conduct interviews and observations that are connected to authentic situations. The aim of using
ethnographical methods has to do with “coming closer” to different situations in real settings, find out “how communication is taking place” – how artifacts are used, what the interaction between the participants looks like, and so on.

Next steps


Asreen Rostami, Juan Tomás Rodríguez, Lars Lorenz and Valeriy Savinov "Developing a Cross-media Service to Promote Citizen Participation in Northern Uganda", ,In Proceedings of 9th SIDeR International Conference on Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR-13), Aarhus, Denmark, April 9-10, 2013

Alissandrakis, A., and Milrad, M. (2013) Designing interactive mobile services to promote civic participation in northern Uganda. In Sarajeva, K, editor, ICT for Anti-Corruption, Democracy And Education In East Africa, Spider ICT4D Series No. 6. , pages 53-65. Universitetsservice US-AB, Stockholm. (ISBN 978-91-637-4603-1)

Active from 4 / 2012

to: 6 / 2013

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