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Nico Reski

Hej, I am Nico. I work as a research assistant and system developer in the Department of Media Technology at Linnaeus University (LNU), where I completed my master degree in “Social Media and Web Technologies” (M.Sc.). Prior to joining LNU and moving to Sweden I studied “International Media and Computing” (B.Sc.) at University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin in Germany.

I am involved in various teaching activities and in planning, building and setting up an interaction lab and creative workspace in the Department of Media Technology. I am also hosting the “Open Lab Hours” activity as well as developing a creative coding workshop series around openFrameworks and p5.js. I am particularly interested in augmented and virtual reality, human-computer interaction, natural and tangible user interfaces, the Internet of Things as well as mobile application development.

Contact info

email: nico.reski [at] lnu [dot] se
PGP Key ID: B061D75B
Twitter: @nicoversity
GitHub: nicoversity


Latest publications

Change your Perspective: Exploration of a 3D Network created from Open Data in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment, in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (ACHI 2016). April, 24-28, 2016, Venice, Italy. pp 403-410.

Reski, N., Nordmark, S., and Milrad, M. (2014). Exploring New Interaction Mechanisms to Support Information Sharing and Collaboration Using Large Multi-touch Displays in the Context of Digital Storytelling. Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies - ICALT2014. July, 7-9, 2014, Athens, Greece, pp 176-180.

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